Yep, It’s a lot about Booze

Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. That’s why you should drink what you like and like what you drink. Whether your into Craft beer, drinking a delicious Whiskey or even if you only like to drink grapes mushed into a glass. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll find what your looking for here.


My name’s Joshua Templeton. People have called me “Temp” my whole life, mostly because they were too lazy to say my whole last name. So now it’s a thing. I’m a Marine Corps Veteran from Houston, TX. Which is a fantastic city to live in if you like food or tasty beverages.

I like to talk about all things in the world that have to do with Beer, Wine and Spirits (aka Booze). Now, you will probably see me talking mostly about Beer because that is what I love most and it’s cheaper in most cases. As a beer lover who has tasted an almost obscene amount of beer (it really is ridiculous), I found that beer can and should be an EXPERIENCE.

I’m not an expert by any means, I just know what I like and what I don’t like and I find nothing is more delicious than a rich tasty beer to match up with a great cigar. Well maybe a smokey single malt scotch with that cigar. No… it has to be a good wine that goes well in my mouth with some pasta. You know what? It really all depends on the day and what kinda mood I’m in. The point is, my options are endless as long as I’m willing to explore a world of amazing flavors that will satisfy even the least adventurous people on this planet. So get ready because depending on what time of the month it is, I have a lot to talk about and if you know me, sometimes I can get a bit carried away. Which could be a good thing or not. You decide.

Why Tasty Barrels, you ask? Well, my friends… it all began long ago. There were, in almost every civilization around the world, at some point in time, tasty beverages which required fermentation and/or maturation. This is known. And what, you may ask, did these men and women of antiquity use as vessels during this magical time? Barrels! True story. Throughout history, almost every type of alcoholic beverage has utilized the humble barrel at some stage during its creation. Although 21st century brewmasters and distillers have the advantages of modern technology to produce mass quantities of tasty beverages for our enjoyment, there continues to be no rival for the flavor and character imparted to booze through the use of a simple wooden barrel. Classy! Tasty! Umm… Barrel-y!?

In keeping with an age old tradition I lift a pint and bring to you, Tasty Barrels.

Fully dedicated to bringing tasty beverages and thirsty people together, Cheers!

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