To bring tasty beverages and thirsty people together 


Many years ago after much contemplating Josh & Mali realized that there was not a place on the internet that compiled info on all types of booze. Originally the idea was to have a review site that would allow users to rate and review beer, wine, or spirits and find exactly where to get them around you. That quickly became a much larger task than anticipated, so fast forward to years later. Now it’s just a place for us to talk about booze. The plan is to talk about all things in the world that have to do with Beer, Wine, and Spirits. But let’s be honest… we mostly talk about Texas. Houston is where most of us call home, minus a few weirdos up North. We also do reviews on beer, wine and spirits locally and from anywhere we can get our hands on it. None of us are experts on any of these topics, we just know what we like and what we don’t like. We are just a group of friends that love to be social, drink tasty beverages, and sometimes write about ‘em.

Your options are endless as long as you’re willing to explore a world of amazing flavors that will satisfy even the least adventurous people on this planet. So get ready because depending on what time of the year it is, there’s a lot going on and we are here to talk about it all.

Why Tasty Barrels, you ask? Well, my friends… it all began long ago. There were, in almost every civilization around the world, at some point in time, tasty beverages which required fermentation and/or maturation. This is known. And what, you may ask, did these men and women of antiquity use as vessels during this magical time? Barrels! True story. Throughout history, almost every type of alcoholic beverage has utilized the humble barrel at some stage during its creation. Although 21st century brewmasters and distillers have the advantages of modern technology to produce mass quantities of tasty beverages for our enjoyment, there continues to be no rival for the flavor and character imparted to booze through the use of a simple wooden barrel. Classy! Tasty! Umm… Barrel-y!?

Joshua Templeton
Veteran/Writer/Beer Lover
Favorites: Stouts, Porter, Whiskeys, Bourbons, Kolsch’s


Veteran/Best Editor Ever
Favorites: Wine, Stouts, Porter, Whiskeys


Melissa McClung
Favorites: Wine is all she needs


Justin Finch
Favorites: Scotch, Gin, Stouts, Whiskey


Jamie Hazelwood
Favorites: Trippels, Dubbels, Ambers, Quads, Wheats

In keeping with an age old tradition I lift a pint and bring to you, Tasty Barrels.

Fully dedicated to bringing tasty beverages and thirsty people together, Cheers!

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