B52 Fest 2016

B52 Brewery is in Conroe off hwy 105 pretty close to Lake Conroe. They have great beer and the more important thing to know is that the brewery is on seven acres of beautifully wooded land. That means the beer garden has tree cover all the time which is great in a blisteringly hot Texas Summer!

I am totally late on posting about the wonderful experience I had at the B52 Fest on October 1, 2016. I had planned on interviewing the brewery and making this a post full of facts and good times. Instead it’s just full of good times and my honest opinion about not only the festival but the brewery in general. I know it’s a bit of a drive for some in this great city but if you get a chance you won’t be disappointed.The B-52 Oktoberfest, dubbed B-52 Fest, was in its 3rd year and at the brewery. The tickets were a great price, general admission was $25/person, and you got the baby half liter Stein and 3 fills. That’s right, not one of those where you get four 3oz beers, but three FULL 0.5L beers! What’s even crazier is if you bought the VIP tickets, which were only $35/person, they gave you the liter Stein and some specialty beers that everyone else did not have access too. Needless to say VIP passes sold out very quickly this year and I’d bet they will next year, too.One of the things that impressed me the most was the fact that the festival was kid and dog friendly, I saw kids running around playing and people had their dogs there on leashes.

 b52-fest_1    b52-fest-games

All the seating at the brewery is outdoors at picnic tables or in folding chairs brought in by festival goers. There were a bunch of fun games for people to sign up for like: Barrel Races, Stein holding contest, and a costume contest. Also they had a couple of Houston based food trucks out to sell food for the festival since the brewery doesn’t normally sell food.

b52-fest-food-truck        b52-bar
Beautiful property in the woods and a very relaxed and friendly staff.  The staff is super friendly and I will most definitely be visiting this brewery again!

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