Morning Brew for the Night Crew @ “Drink of Ages Pub”

Drink of Ages Pub will be open 7:00am on October 14th for their first ever night shift opening. Talking to owner Jon Denman, host of “Drink of Ages” radio show, it’s clear he’s pretty excited about adding the night shift hours to his pub. He himself worked night shift for many years, as does his wife, and Jon knows first hand that when you get off work in the morning, sometimes you just want to grab a “beer and a burger” instead of breakfast.

Drinking in the Morning

Stereotypically, drinking in the morning is frowned upon by most people. But, think about all the people that work at hospitals, the first responders, some factory workers and retail employees, and even the folks who are just night owls. Sometimes, you just want to have a beer after work even if that’s at 8:00am. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any place you can go to quench your thirst that early unless you get a beer from your fridge at home. “Whoa, is this even legal” you ask? Yes! It is perfectly legal to serve alcohol from 7:00am to 2:00am Monday through Saturday. Sunday is the only exception. Most of you already know there are 2 things you can’t do on Sunday:

1. Buy Alcohol before Noon   and   2. Eat at Chick-Fil-A.

 Drink of Ages Pub

Located off Waugh Drive near Montrose, this pub was previously known as “Growlers Beer and Wine to Go” or “Growlers Montrose.” See Map

Huge selection of beers on tap and bottles

Huge selection of beers on tap and bottles

When Jon bought the place he turned it into a badass drinking pub. According to Jon they currently serve “32 rotating beers on tap with 163  different beers in the cooler.”

On Wednesdays during the Drink of Ages radio show broadcast they have live music that features local talent and he displays work by local artists on the walls.

What better way to get the message out and to share your love of beer with others?

Display of Local Art on the walls.

Display of Local Art on the walls.

If you work the night shift or you just want to support this crazy awesome idea, and happen to get off work the morning of October 14th, run over to Drink of Ages Pub, kick back, and grab yourself a delicious brew. They have plenty to choose from and you can even take a growler to go! Don’t worry Jon won’t judge you, he’ll probably be there drinking one with you.



Jon hopes these night shift hours are successful because he would love to expand the hours and open the pub every Friday at 7:00am for a more consistent schedule. Let’s make it happen, Houston!


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