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Play Date – Sour Blonde Ale Review

Brewed by: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Style: American Sour Blonde Ale

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 8

Availability: Year Round

5.9 Total Score
Super Tart

Very tart but interesting beer. Overall I found it to be refreshing but definitely sour. This is not a beer you will probably want to drink more than one per outing.

Feel in the Mouth
  • Refreshing
  • Super Tart
  • Super Tart (It's both a Pro and Con for me)
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Play Date was made using Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde and adding dates turning it into a sour. I grabbed this beer even though I don’t normally like sours but I was in a very adventurous mood I suppose so what the heck, I’ll give it a chance. Especially since dates in a beer is completely new to me. The very first sip of this was super tart. I immediately thought to myself ” well this is the only one of these I will be drinking”. Mostly meaning I wouldn’t be able to drink more than one per sitting.

Play Date has a beautiful hazy amber color. There wasn’t a lot of head on the pour and it faded pretty quick, before I put the glass down to be exact. I think I was able to smell the dates, I’m not sure since I just realized I don’t really know the smell of dates. Some of the other aromas I encounter where malt, some sweetness, tartiness.

I was surprised that this beer didn’t have a higher alcohol content, the beer had a Belgian strong kinda thing going on.

Overall, I felt that Play Date was an interesting beer with not much complexity. It was definitely a refreshing beer and is worth trying at least once for most and definitely for those that prefer sours. I will probably not buy another one but if someone offered me one I would not turn it down.

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