Fall Beer Season: What every Beer Lover needs to do this fall

5 things every beer lover should do this fall to make the best of this wonderful beer drinking season. Get out there and try something new and have fun.

1. Attend a Beer Festival 

There are a wide range of Beer Festivals in the fall. You can easily find a good beer festival event in your area and I’m sure you will have plenty to choose from. If you have never been to any kind of Oktoberfest, I highly suggest you attend one this year.

2. Try something just because 

Drink something new that you have never tried before. Ask a friend to give you suggestions or just go to your favorite craft beer bar and ask them to surprise you. It’s always exciting to try new things. Your taste buds will love you!

3. Introduce Someone Who Only Likes Macros to a Fall Seasonal

People nowadays seem to be more and more open to trying new beers since there are so many to choose from. Really, the amount of beer on the market is crazy. There is no reason you can’t find something that suits your taste buds. But as a beer lover, I find one of the best feelings is getting someone who only drinks Bud Light or any other macro beer to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. Get them a Fall seasonal that you know they will like, or get a flight of Fall seasonals and have them try a few, then let them decide. They will thank you in the end. If not, they will at least appreciate the free beer. 




4. Grab a growler of something local & Spend an Entire Sunday Watching Football 

Ok this might be my favorite thing on this list. I mean what’s not to love about beer and football together? Either way, you need to go grab a growler of some local beer and spend an entire Sunday sitting around watching football and enjoying a tasty beverage. It’s a bonus if you have friends over to drink and watch football with ya!

5. Build a DIY Kegerator for your Winter Hibernation 

If you have the space, you need to build yourself a DIY Kegerator (or just buy one someone else built) to prepare yourself for that Winter hibernation. Because after Fall seasonals are Winter seasonals and you need a place to store your delicious keg of beer from your favorite local brewery. Or, if you’re feeling frisky you can keg a beer that you brewed yourself. BOOM… mind blown!

Temp likes to take full advantage of flip flop and short weather. He can be found enjoying a delicious beer or Whiskey with friends, talking your ear off or just relaxing with the family. Chance's are there is always something to smile about especially when it comes to booze.

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