Why Drink Bud Light or Craft Beer?

There are a million reasons why someone drinks the beer that they drink. You go to any craft beer driven establishment and it seems that they turn their noses up to people that still drink Bud Light or beers like it.

Here’s some reasons why I think people drink bud light and why I think people drink craft beer:


Why do people drink Bud Light:

Coming from a former Bud Light drinker, they drink it because:

  1. It’s cheap and easy to get. It costs next to nothing to get an 18 pack of Bud Light and head over to that tailgate party. You have not only brought some beer to the party so you feel like you have contributed, but you didn’t have to break the bank either. And I get it. Better than bringing nothing, you don’t want to be that person. Plus craft beer can get expensive.
  2. Advertisement for Bud Light is still way more than any Craft Beer on the market. I can’t turn around without seeing an advertisement about Bud Light being the official beer of something or another. And let’s face it people still give into advertisements, if they see it on TV they want it. The power of suggestion is strong with this one.
  3. It’s their comfort zone. Some people just like what they like, and a lot of people don’t want to leave what they know. They know they like Bud Light and are scared to try new things because it can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Craft beer varies wildly and who wants to spend $10 for something you may end up not liking? Some would say “better safe than sorry.”
  4. It’s what my dad drank and it’s good enough for me. Self explanatory.
  5. Used to be one of the only beers you could get. Before craft beer flooded the market. Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller and Busch, were pretty much available everywhere and some of your top choices. Basically you didn’t have a lot to choose from.


Why do people drink Craft Beer:

Coming from a current craft beer drinker, people drink it because:

  1. They enjoy the taste. Believe it or not when people say they like the taste of beer it’s a true statement. Before craft beer was readily available, most of us drank beer for one reason and it wasn’t the taste. Now with an ever increasing selection of flavors and varieties we can have the best of both worlds, great taste and a healthy ABV.
  2. Clever Marketing. One way that craft beer marketing exceeds Macro brewing is their wildly creative, fun and colorful labeling of bottles, combined with an endless array of entertaining names. There is always something new to be found on the craft beer shelf. Many will try something based solely on the labeling of the bottle.
  3. Pursuit of adventure and happiness. If you drink craft beer there is always a sense of adventure that drives you to find that next craft beer that tastes so good. If you drink craft beer there is a high chance that you refuse to settle for anything less than deliciousness. So you develop an adventurous set of taste buds that want to try new flavors frequently.
  4. Quality over quantity. Craft beer provides the ability for beer drinkers to enjoy better quality brews and definitely higher ABV’s. Which just means you can tell people “I only drank 3 beers”, but what you forgot to mention was that those beers were 10-14% ABV each (That’s almost like drinking 3 bottles of wine). Why drink many when you only need a few.
  5. Great conversation. One of the great things about drinking craft beer is that you can visit the local craft breweries and drink with the makers of the beer. Also craft beer gives you a desire to go out with friends/family to try new beers. While drinking these different brews you tend to have great conversations that encourage other discussions. Ultimately,this leads to talking to each other about why you do and don’t like a particular beer and then trying something new. Taste, Talk, Repeat!



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Temp likes to take full advantage of flip flop and short weather. He can be found enjoying a delicious beer or Whiskey with friends, talking your ear off or just relaxing with the family. Chance's are there is always something to smile about especially when it comes to booze.

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